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Krug Champagne

Krug Champagne

Behind every precious drop of Krug stands the dream of a visionary. One man who, long before others, understood that the essence of Champagne is pleasure. So, over 170 years ago, Joseph Krug broke with convention to follow his vision. To create the most generous expression of Champagne every year, regardless of climatic unpredictability.

Joseph’s bold experiment proved a triumph and he succeeded in creating Champagne like never before. And like no other Champagne House since. To this day, the House of Krug lives and breathes his enduring philosophy, creating only prestige Champagnes since 1843.

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  • Krug Vintage 2004 • Giftbox

    Krug Vintage 2004 • Giftbox

    Bottle Price: HK$2,280.00

    Special Price: HK$1,900.00

  • Krug Vintage 2000 • Magnum • Giftbox

    Krug Vintage 2000 • Magnum • Giftbox

    Bottle Price: HK$4,600.00

    Special Price: HK$3,900.00